Welcome to Anchor University Campus

Welcome to Anchor University, a faith-based university anchored on christian principles, with the aim of integrating strong moral principles into the learning experience of the students. The university is located at Ayobo, Ipaja in Lagos state. Listed below are some of the University's facilities.

The University Library

This facility boasts a directory of modern publications that are considered the best in buoying up intellectual's learning and research findings. A well-planned reading environment has also been provided for its users. The e-library section of the facility also provides seemless access to online scholarly materials across several academic fields. Virtual learning resources, Bookrix, ProQuests, Open-knowledge repositories and Free eBooks are a part of some of the eLibrary's offerings.


The committment of the school's management to ensure delivery of practical-based learning have been a major driving force in provision of learning facilities. This has translated to the setting up of several course-specifice laboratories for teaching , research and learning. Currenlty, the school has state-of-the-art laboratories including the Language laboratory, Chemical Science labs, Biological Sciences labs etc.

Hostel facility

Anchor University has well-built accomodation facilities. The designs were made, giving priority to convenince. With undilited provision for security in all halls of residence, the halls are equipped with internet facilitiles, constant electricity and water supply.

University Health Centre

Paramount attention is given to the health of students and members of staff of the University. It is in the light of this that the University has made provision for a Standard Health Center. Equipped with standard human and health resources, the health centre is strategically located at the heart of the campus.

ICT centre

The University possesses an ICT centre that has been equipped to provide enhancements in learning and research, and also to avail students, staff and researchers access to real-time online information. Amongst other internet-enabled research facilities provided by the University, the ICT centre has serves other functions including, but not limited to Computer-Based Test Centre.

Sport Facilities

The need to ensure her students and staff keep high levels of physical fitness while within the University could not be better expressed. The University also made provision of a sports complex. At this complex, interested scholars can make a choice among the available sports, including Soccer, Basket ball, and Lawn or Table Tennis.

University Guest House

Provision has been made to ensure researchers, visiting lecturers and our dear parents stay as close as possible to the campus and/or their wards during visit to the University. The guest house is indeed a home away from home, as it is equipped with utmost convenience - spacious rooms, internet facilities, amongst others.